Lacrima is a Brazilian alternative rock/hard rock band from São Paulo. They are Kekah (vocals), Rodrigo (guitar), Caio Siqueira (drums), Baldi (guitar), and Raphael Gomes (bass). The band cites as influences Guns N´Roses, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Paramore e Led Zeppelin entre outros.”

Selected discography:

Você vai me notar (2013). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Com você”, “Você vai me notar”, “Se Você Se Aproximar”. Other good cuts: “O que eu quero”, “Livre pra voar”, “Ainda não e tarde”, “Mais”, “Impresso em mim”, “Ciclo”, “Faz um tempo”, “Quanto estou por perto”. Listen to the tracks (here).

Selected videos:

My thoughts… Lacrima is one of the best new female-fronted Brazilian rock bands I’ve heard since my obsession with that country’s rock music began back in 2012 – and Kekah is, without doubt, one of Brazil’s best female rock vocalists! Of course, I already said all that and more on MHE (here). Kekah herself even left a comment in appreciation of my appreciation of her band’s music!

According to Facebook, Lacrima is making themselves over. Well, I hope they finish up soon because I need more great music from them!