Sheer Mag is a punk rock/power pop band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed in 2014. They are Christina Halladay (vocals), Kyle Seely, Hart Seely, Matt Palmer, and Ian Dykstra.

Selected discography:

7″ (2014). 4 tracks. Choice cut: “What You Want”. Other good cuts: “Sit and Cry”, “Hard Lovin”, “Point Breeze”.

II 7″ (2015). 4 tracks. Choice cut: “Fan the Flames”. Other good cuts: “Whose Side Are You On”, “Button Up”, “Travelin On”.

III 7″ (2016). 4 tracks. Choice cut: “Nobody’s Baby”, “Can’t Stop Fighting”, “Worth the Tears”. Other good cuts: “Night Isn’t Bright”.

Selected videos:

My thoughts… Wow! Sheer Mag is amazing! Their sound is like classic ’70s power pop meets modern indie rock! Get this band a record deal!