Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon (2006) is a fan film written and directed by Nick Murphy for Spoon Pictures and Granted Wish Studios. Produced by Valerie Perez. Original music by Bekki Williams. Story by Nick Murphy & Valerie Perez. Starring Valerie Perez, DC Wolfe, Keith Carter, Gary Alonzo, Eric Jacobus & Andy Leung.

Adventurer and heiress Lara Croft fights to hold on to the last feeling of family she has by tracking down an ancient cure to save the life of her long-time and most devoted friend Winston. The Tomb Raider finds herself competing against the ruthless Wu-Chen Li, a son of a Triad crime boss, with whom she has unfinished business. The quest spans the globe from dangerous forgotten catacombs to the urban mercenary underworld.

This action drama is a true testament to low-budget, guerrilla filmmaking and features magnificent original music. A comic book prequel illustrating the history between Lady Croft and Chen Li’s mobster family to be published Fall 2006.

Not rated. 39:09 run time. Watch the film here …

I’m sure you remember all those years back, when you invaded the Triad building, shooting your way out of there like some video game. Wu-Chen Li

My thoughts… Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon, made between 2003-06, is “one of the first Tomb Raider fan films” and it’s a gritty low-budget crime thriller as well as an exciting Lara Croft adventure! Valerie Perez looks amazing as Lara Croft! Now, I must go check her out in The Adventures of Paula Peril!!

Oh, yeah, and I missed out on Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon until now just like I did with Batman: Dead End! I’m always the last to know!