Wynonna Earp (2016- ) is a Syfy original series based on the graphic novel created and written by Beau Smith. Created for television by Emily Andras. Starring Melanie Scrofano, Shamier Anderson, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley.

Based on the IDW Comic, Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she battles demons and other creatures. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, she’s the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

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Season 1 (2016).

  • S1:E1 – “Purgatory”. 04/01/16. “On the evening of her 27th birthday, a young woman and descendant of the gunslinger of the Wild West Wyatt Earp reluctantly returns home to take up her family’s line of work, which involves saving humanity from demons and other evil creatures.”
  • S1:E2 – “Keep the Home Fires Burning”. 04/08/16. “Wynonna strains to combine her impulsive nature with the rules enforced by the Black Badge Division as her return to Purgatory has lured unwanted attention; Doc summons the Shadow Assassin for Bobo to take down the Earps.”
  • S1:E3 – “Leavin’ On Your Mind”. 04/15/16. “A group of the Revenants go on a bloody massacre across towns, and Wynonna discovers that their random acts of violence might have a more menacing purpose; Waverly takes issue with Henry’s motives and looks into his past forcing him to reveal his true identity to Wynonna.”
  • S1:E4 “The Blade”. 04/22/16. “Wynonna and Deputy Marshall Dolls must act with speed and certainty as the residents of Purgatory are turning up dead, but because the merciless culprit hides within mirrors, they have a difficult time learning the assailant’s true identity.”
  • S1:E5 “Diggin’ Up Bones”. 04/29/16. “Wynonna and Deputy Marshall Dolls carry out a conceivably reckless raid on the trailer park led Purgatory’s head Revenant Bobo; Doc’s circumstances lead him to face-to-face encounter with and old friend and adversary.” Featuring Rayisa Kondracki as Miss Storm/Constance Clootie (aka The Stone Witch).
  • S1:E6 “Constant Cravings”. 05/06/16. “Wynonna hunts down one of the Revenants responsible for the attack on the Homestead fifteen years earlier and finds a family of Revenant cannibals; Waverly is intent on learning the truth behind a mystery left behind by her Uncle Curtis.” Featuring Rachael Ancheril as The Blacksmith.
  • S1:E7 “Walking After Midnight”. 05/13/16. “Waverly throws an engagement party, but Henry’s quest for revenge puts her guests in grave danger. Wynonna teams up with an unlikely ally to investigate a killer targeting young women.” Featuring Rayisa Kondracki as Constance Clootie (aka The Stone Witch) and Rachael Ancheril as The Blacksmith.
  • S1:E8 “Two-Faced Jack”. 05/20/16.


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My thoughts… Wynonna Earp is a supernatural Western set in modern times that delivers sexy fun, fast-paced action, and a “crazy chick with a gun!” Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) is the great granddaughter of the legendary Wyatt Earp. She returns to her hometown of Purgatory for her uncle’s funeral only to find that the outlaws Wyatt Earp once killed have also returned as demons seeking revenge. Brooding Wynonna, armed with her great grandfather’s demon-killing Colt 45, reluctantly joins forces with Agent Mulder-esque Deputy Marshall Dolls (Shamier Anderson), who works for the Black Badge Division of the U.S. Marshalls, to rid Purgatory of the outlaw demons, or Revanants as Wynonna’s father called them. Wynonna Earp is kind of like Jessica Jones and this series is kind of Syfy’s answer to that Netflix series. I didn’t care much for Jessica Jones… but I’m loving Wynonna Earp! It’s my kind of TV show! Series creator Emily Andras says that Wynonna Earp is “a kickass, amazing, fun heroine who sure looks good doing it!” I couldn’t agree more! Finally, I have a TV show to look forward to!