Trickster (2014) is a short fan film inspired by The Matrix. Written and directed by Felix Joleanes. Starring Brigitte Hernández. Trickster was made in Colombia and shot near Bogotá using “a GH3 camera and some Rokinon lenses.”

Not rated. 3:40 run time.


Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Girls, guns and sentinels! Trickster is an awesome Matrix fan film! The CG is fantastic [the sentinels and the landscape], the rebel girl is badass [and adorable], and I’d love to see her story expanded into a web series! The tentacled sentinels, by the way, are one of my favorites parts of the Matrix universe. I even have McFarlane Toys’ big, heavy and very detailed deluxe sentinel action figure on display in my Man Cave!

Trickster_02B Trickster_03B Trickster_04B