Blood Sombrero (2016) is an “Action, Thriller, Martial Arts, Ninja, Horror” film written and directed by Abel Berry and Jennifer Stone for BSLLC. Starring Paula Marcenaro Solinger, Billy Blair, Nick Gomez, Frederic Doss, Stephen Brodie, Tom Proctor, Todd Jenkins, Jennifer Stone, and Abel Berry.

Set in the south Texas town of Sucio Sangre near the vicious Mexican border, Blood Sombrero stars Billy Blair as a nameless thief hired by the ruthless crime lord Lucifer (Nick Gomez) to find a strange box with unknown contents. Meanwhile a mysterious yet violent girl named Josephine (Paula Solinger) holds the box while on the run from the deranged cult she once belonged to. Hot on her trail are two crooked cops (Fred Doss and Stephen Brodie) and a psychotic bounty hunter named Coffin. Their paths ultimately collide in an explosion of blood soaked chaos, leaving our anti-heroes to decide whether this box is worth their lives.


Not rated. 85 minutes. Watch the official trailer #1 here …

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My thoughts… Blood Sombrero is an awesome grindhouse-inspired action/thriller similar to the Tex-Mex-infused The Return of Johnny V. Blood Sombrero doesn’t make much sense but it’s surprisingly well-acted and outrageously fun with plenty of bloody action sequences that deliver a bounty of bad-ass beauties engaged in martial arts mayhem! Actor/musician Billy Blair [who formed the hard rock band Love Stricken Demise with American Idol-alum Nikki McKibbin] is excellent as a glam-rocker-turned-thief with a bit of a dissociative identity disorder, while Paula Marcenaro Solinger is sexy and deadly as mysterious ex-cult member Josephine (Paula Marcenaro Solinger) as are all the actresses who play her former “sisters” – especially the ones in the bar with sugar-skull-painted faces! Oh, and co-writer/do-director Jennifer [Michelle] Stone is absolutely delightful as sarcastic children’s TV star Izzy! “I’m a honey bee,” she clarifies, on two occasions, after being mistaken for a bumble bee! I love that! I love her! I would love to see costume-clad Izzy in a grindhouse action/thriller all her own!