I.S.I.S. and I.S.I.S. (2014) is an Archer fan film written & directed by Brennan Martin. Starring Brennan Martin as Sterling Archer, Helena-Alexis Seymour as Lana, Brenda Gale Warner as Mallory Archer, Robert Bockstael as Gabriel Phoenix, and Sasha Chichagov as I.S.I.S. terrorist. Made for the Digi60 2014 Fall Festival.

Not rated. 8:22 run time.


My thoughts… I love FX’s animated series Archer (2009- ), and I love Brennan Martin’s fan film! Sure, it’s not quite as witty as the original, but Martin does a pretty good Sterling Archer voice! However, the best part of I.S.I.S. and I.S.I.S. is Canadian actress/model Helena-Alexis Seymour as Archer’s partner/ex-girlfriend Lana! Wow! She is amazingly beautiful and insanely sexy! I am her new biggest fan!! Watch her in this interview (here). She played a newscaster in Birdman (2014), the Academy Award-winning film starring Michael Keaton! I didn’t see Birdman, nor do I intend to. However, according to her IMDb page (here), she also played a cute girl on an episode of Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State [“Dic Pics” S3-Ep2 (2011)], a flirty girl on an episode of Syfy’s Being Human [“(I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons” S2-Ep4 (2012)], a female bodybuilder in on an episode of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 [“An Evil Within” S4-Ep2 (2012)], and Officer Darla on an episode of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast [“Chasing Ghosts” S3-Ep6 (2015)] – I saw all of those but I don’t remember her! They were bit parts, but I’m going to re-watch all of them anyway!