DAZZLE VISION is a female-fronted Japanese screamo/metalcore band formed in 2003 by siblings Maiko (vocals) and Takuro (bass). DAZZLE VISION is known for Maiko’s vocal style which mixes distinctive melodic vocals with harsher “death voice” vocals. Their sound, referred to as “screamo-pop”, is a blend of alternative metal, screamo, metalcore, and post-grunge influences. Recommended for fans of Japanese rock bands like RAMPANT, GUARDIAN HACKER, CANTOY, etc. DAZZLE VISION disbanded in April 2015.

Selected discography:

Origin of Dazzle (2005). Mini-album. 7 tracks. Choice cut: “Zange”. Other good cuts: “Kuuhaku”, “Sanzu”, “Genjou”, “Shikibetsu”. The rest: “the answer”, “the answer you could have”. Re-released in 2008.

Camellia Japonica (2007). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Child be found of…”, “left to cry there”. Other good cuts: “Camellia”, “COLORED”, “starfish”. The rest: “rain forest”, “Not try to fly”, “crash in 2”, “To’ Us”, “the mad o party”.

Crystal Children (2008). Mini-album. 8 tracks. Choice cuts: “HERE”, “Eternity”. Other good cuts: “tonight”, “Moon”, “Hane”, “Crystal”, “orb”. The rest: “Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono”.

“METSU/All refused” (2008). Single. 2 tracks.

to the next (2010). Mini-album. 8 tracks. Choice cuts: “to the next”, “VISION”. Other good cuts: “Boku ga Boku de Aru Tame ni”, “Miss.Cinderella”, “Hirui”, “IN A MOMENT”, “cold”. The rest: “Wonderland”.

Kirari (2011). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Kirari”, “REASON”, “Sakura”. Other good cuts: “Zero”, “Bara Bara Ame”, “12 Gatsu”, “Miss Cinderella2”, “Like I’m not real”, “One for all, All for one”, “Tsuki to Taiyou”, “CONTINUE”. The rest: “∞”.

SHOCKING LOUD VOICE (2012). Remix album. 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Second”, “Take my hand”.

“Evolution” (2012). Single. 4 tracks. Choice B-sides: “Dilemma”, “OVER”.

Final Attack (2014). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “FINAL ATTACK”, “Evolution”, “Second”. Other good cuts: “Heartless”, “Circle”, “To the End”, “All Out”, “Open the Gate”, “Be Free”. The rest: “A Brave New World”, “Sphere”, “Black Star”.

Notes: “Evolution” is from the 2012 single. “Second” is from SHOCKING LOUD VOICE (2012).

Selected videos:

Band links: Facebook/Generasia


My thoughts… DAZZLE VISION‘s appearance is deceiving. If you’ve never heard them, you might think they’re a visual kei band. Or you might think singer Maiko is a J-pop idol. Don’t be so quick to judge a J-rock band by their looks. DAZZLE VISION‘s “screamo-pop” is hard enough to appeal to alt-metal fans and melodic enough to appeal to pop/rock fans. Origin of Dazzle is the band’s grungiest album, while Crystal Children, to the next and Kirari offer up a perfect balance of aggressive riffs and addictive melodies. Start with “ZERO” or “Bara Bara Ame” [both from Kirari] and you will be hooked on DAZZLE VISION‘s melodic hard edge. Then listen to “Hane” [from Crystal Children] for a taste of the band’s softer side. On FINAL ATTACK, DAZZLE VISION incorporated an electro-pop influence on a few tracks which they only flirted with on previous releases. Those few tracks are my least favorites but, overall, FINAL ATTACK is an excellent swan song!

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