The Killing Grin (2016) is a short Harley Quinn fan film written, edited & directed by Jason Onorad. Starring Chelsea Mike Schmitt as Harley Quinn, David Spegal as Henry, Hannah Davis as Tina, Brandon Davis as Jeremiah Arkham, Larry Ollivier as Commissioner Gordon, and Andrew Minott as Detective.

The Killing Grin is set in a completely new universe while taking inspiration from the entire Batman history. With a new, fresh take on the beloved character Harley Quinn, this is a way that the character has never been seen before. She is brutal, ruthless,peppy and fun the way we all know and love with a few twists. She has her own motives and her own drive and nobody knows what she is going to do next!

Not rated. 22:41 run time.

Watch the  trailer (here), the teaser (here), and the prequel here …

My thoughts… The Killing Grin isn’t the best Harley Quinn fan film I’ve seen but it’s still pretty good! In fact, Chelsea Mike Schmitt is quite delightful as Harley!