Not On Tour is a punk rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel formed in 2008. They are Sima (vocals), Matan (guitar), Nir (bass), and Gutzy (drums). Not On Tour cites “punk rock from the 80s” as an influence and loves artists such as Descendents, Bad Religion, TSOL, Minor Threat, Adolescents, etc.

Selected discography:

Not On Tour (2010). 16 tracks. Choice cuts: “Not On Tour”, “Don’t Touch My Stuff”. Other good cuts: “Silly Thoughts”, “Baby You Such a Ho”, “What Comes Outta Yo Mouth”, “Cut All the Cords”, “Peace of Mind”, “Postcards”, “Need Fixing”, “On the Road”, “Disturbing Hour”, “Lazy Ass Brother”. The rest: “Central Station, Final Destination”, “Split the Earth”, “Rhyme-Less”, “OK, What Now?”.

N.O.T on tour! (2011). EP. 8 tracks. Choice cuts: “Just Forget It”, “Fine”, “Did You Get Enough”. Other good cuts: “90% Out”, “Puke”, “TV”, “Journey To The Ocean”, “Dirty Envelopes”.

All This Time (2012). 16 tracks. Choice cuts: “All This Time”, “I Wanna Be Like You”, “That’s Why”, “Oded”. Other good cuts: “Stay Home”, “Darling”, “This is Revealing”, “True Illness”, “Operation Running”, “Modern Slavery”, “The Question Came Up”, “Over Night”, “Box”, “Banks”, “Tunnel”, “(poisoned water) Bunnies”.

Bad Habits (2015). 16 tracks. Choice cuts: “Maybe One Day”, “Waiting in Line”, “Sick of This Mess”, “Lies”, “Gut Feeling”, “Stuck in a Rut”. Other good cuts: “Write It Down”, “Bad Habits”, “Flip”, “Black Coffee”, “Wake, Work, Sleep”, “Waste of Time”, “Rumours”, “Different Kind of Weather”, “No Communication”, “Failing”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… On Not On Tour‘s recently-launched band website, they quote their self-titled song from their self-titled debut album: “We’re Not On Tour, you’ll like us, that’s for sure.” They’re right. You will. Just listen. Not On Tour plays a blend of hardcore punk, pop/punk and power pop. Their songs are short – none are over 2 minutes, some are under a minute – but energetic and addictive! In addition, Sima’s commanding vocals are often snotty and never get lost under her band’s pristine punk noise! She sings entirely in English, by the way, but speaks in Hebrew. Not On Tour‘s debut album is the band’s most hardcore release. They remind me of the American punk band Be Your Own Pet on that album. Their latest album Bad Habits is my current favorite. However, “I Wanna Be Like You” [from All This Time] is my current favorite song. I just wish it was longer than 42 seconds!

Interesting fact: All 56 songs from Not On Tour‘s 4 albums, in total, are just short of 1 hour and 15 minutes! The band’s entire discography, to date, will fit on a standard blank CD – with time to spare!