The Hit Girl (2013) is an action/comedy film directed by James A. Ward for Three Degrees Off Center Productions. Written by Robert Bruce & James A. Ward. Starring Ella Bowen, Jessamyn Arnstein, James Castle Stevens, Sharon Gibson, Delaney Dziwak, and Michael Cole.

Bill, a slightly quirky, clandestine operative is sent out on a mission to his old hometown. He stops in to visit his sister, Elizabeth, and his timid, movie quoting niece, Suzy, before pursing his latest assignment and while he’s there he encounters a magical statue that transforms him into a teenage girl. Wishing to keep his transformation a secret from his sister and the world at large, Bill confides in Suzy about his sudden change and she agrees to help him. Renamed Jessica, “she” now has to deal not only with all the problems that being a teenage girl brings, she also must complete her latest mission. A mission which is made more dangerous now that her target has begun kidnapping teenage girls. Jessica, with Suzy’s help, must overcome all of the obstacles that stand in her way while trying to find a way to return to her original form – if that is even possible.

Not rated. 86 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… The Hit Girl delivers a fun, fresh twist on the often-reworked Freaky Friday body-switch theme! 240-lb hitman Bill (James Castle Stevens) is turned into an 85-lb 4’11” teenage girl (Ella Bowen) when he inadvertently touches a magical statue of a Greek goddess. He/she confides in his film fanatic niece Suzy (Jessamyn Arnstein) who decides to call her Jessica. Now, Jessica is forced to complete her latest job with Suzy’s help when Suzy’s friend K.C. (Delaney Dziwak) is kidnapped by Bill’s target. The Hit Girl sounds like a Disney movie but it’s not. Jessica (reluctantly) wears a sexy school girl outfit to infiltrate a strip club and a lot of people get killed in cold blood! Ella Bowen is fantastic as Jessica. Bill’s hardened sarcasm is translated well as Jessica’s teen angst by the young actress! However, the best part of this movie is Jessamyn Arnstein as film buff Suzy! Suzy is the most adorable teen girl on independent film since Elaine Hurt as Kate in My Sucky Teen Romance (2011)! No – she’s the most adorable teenage girl on film in the entire history of adorable teenage girls on film! In fact, I wasn’t entirely sold on this movie as I watched the trailer until I saw the last scene [after the credits are shown] in which Suzy, at an illegal gun store with Jessica who is arming herself for the job, gleefully quote’s one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lines from The Terminator (1984)! That scene, in the film, is worth the price of admission alone, but I’ve watched the scene, in the trailer, over and over again and I’ve smiled out loud every damn time! Oh, and a first round of bonus points for having lovely Cortney Palm [Silent Night (2012), Zombeavers (2014)] in a cameo! A second round of bonus points for featuring several songs by all-female punk rock trio The Green Lady Killers on the soundtrack! The Hit Girl was financed via a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. The filmmakers raised just over $6,000! $6,000!! Obviously, the action/comedy was made with very little cash but a whole lot of heart!