Defenseless (2011) is a short action film directed by Michael Tucker for Finite Films. Written by Alex Calleros and Michael Tucker. Starring Max Kleinman, Sophie Green, Jillian Leigh, Garrett Liggett, Shashona Brooks, Mikie Beatty, Dan Beckner, Ryan McDuffie, and Alex Calleros.

When a neurotic guy has his defense mechanism stolen, he’ll need the help of a mysterious woman to get it back before he descends into madness.

Not rated. 27:11 run time.


Defenseless is inspired by the following constraints:

  • A character must say the line: “I can’t go over there now, he’s telling her the red shirt story.”
  • One scene must take place in the rain.
  • A moment of intense silence atop a city at night between two or more people.
  • One character must slowly descend into madness throughout the movie.
  • One character loves vacuuming naked.
  • An actor must act a scene while interacting with people unaware of, and not affiliated with, the movie.
  • The timeline of the story must take place in real time.
  • No more time can pass than the length of the movie.

Finite Films links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Defenseless is an inventive, fast-paced short action thriller! Sure, Paradox586 has a good point when he wonders, in the Youtube comments, how the “defense mechanisms” are able to interact with real people but I like to think that if Naomi was able to find a way to “extract” the defense mechanisms from peoples’ heads, then she must have also found a way to make them more corporeal to be more protective. But, don’t think – just enjoy! I was surprised at how good this film is because it was inspired by constraints and, generally, films that are inspired by constraints exist only to show how clever the filmmakers are. I don’t care how clever you are – if you have a good story, just tell it. However, these filmmakers are pretty damn clever! The constraints are weaved so organically into the film that you wouldn’t even know that they were inspired by them unless, well, you knew and were looking for them! But, don’t look – just watch [before you read the list of constraints]! Oh, and Shashona Brooks, who plays Natalie’s Defense Mechanism, is sooo adorable! In fact, I even checked out another constraint-inspired short from Finite Films (here) just because it starred the lovely young actress!


Shashona Brooks & Sophie Green