You Are Here (2010) is a short romantic drama directed by Michael Tucker for Finite Films. Written by Alex Calleros. Starring Shashona Brooks, Garrett Liggett and Adele Watkin.

A young woman who is hopelessly and secretly in love with her friend’s boyfriend must decide how long she can wait on a promise never made.

Not rated. 15:13 run time.


You Are Here is inspired by the following constraints:

  • A scene must take place in a laundry room.
  • Someone has a wall full of sticky notes that they’ve written over a long time.
  • Someone has to use the phrase “not really” and it has to break the other person’s heart.
  • Nonlinear memory sadness.
  • Must include a hug.
  • Must include running desperately.
  • One character has the happiest moment of their life, while another experiences their saddest moment.

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My thoughts… You Are Here is an amazing short romantic drama film starring my new favorite young actress – Shashona Brooks! She absolutely shines in this sadly beautiful film! Meredith’s longing is conveyed without words, just pensive looks, and the hurt she feels when Alex shares his good news broke my heart too! Brooks is as talented as she is adorable! She looks sooooooo beautiful lying on that floor staring up at the ceiling! Yes, You Are Here is inspired by constraints but, as with Defenseless, those constraints are weaved seamlessly into the story! Ignore them. And, in case you didn’t notice, Sophie Green, who starred in Defenseless, appears as the Bookshop Girl. Oh, and I love that Lykki Li song (“Love Out of Lust”) that plays over the end credits! Now, I have to go watch more of Finite Films’ films – preferably ones with Shashona Brooks!