Los Amantes is a female-fronted Spanish punk/power pop band from Castellón, Spain, formed in 2010. They are Patrizia Escoin (vocals/guitar), Tomás “Tommy” Ramos (drums), Albert “Fritz” Segarra (bass) and Alberto “Gary” Luzendo (guitar). Patrizia Escoin was previously a founding member of the Blondie-influenced Spanish rock band Los Romeos (1988-1996). She is also a founding member of the Joan Jett-influenced Spanish rock/punk/power pop trio Lula.

Selected discography:

Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto (2012). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Tatuajes y Cicatrices”“Corazón de Plástico”. Other good cuts: “Chicos Malos”, “Pirulas y Tripis”, “El Circulo Azul”, “Oposiciones “, “La Cama”, “A Sangre Fria”, “El Fin Del Mundo”, “Que Todo Fluya”. Bonus cut: “El Arte”.

Traiciones (2014). 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Cien Años”, “Lolita”, “Persiguiendo El Amor”. Other good cuts: “Tas Los Cuerpos”, “Nuevo Club”, “El Coco”, “La Muerte Dulce”, “Arde Madrid”, “Las Palmeras”, “Anacrónica”, “Flipar”, “A Mí y a Mis Amigas”, “Traiciones”, “Chico Muerto”.

Selected videos:

Los Amantes links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp

Lula links: website/Facebook/Vimeo

Los Romeos links: Wikipedia


My thoughts… Spanish power pop princess Patrizia Escoin currently fronts both Los Amantes and her power pop trio Lula. She started Lula in 2006, ten years after her band Los Romeos called it quits. She, of course, started Los Amantes in 2010. If you’re a fan of Lula, then you’ll love Los Amantes, too! The difference is that Lula‘s sound is polished with a pop/punk sheen, while Los Amantes‘ sound is rawer with a garage rock grittiness. In fact, Todo Lo Que Hacemos Es Secreto was recorded live in the studio in February 2011. I’m not sure if Traiciones was recorded live but it sounds like it was! I only recently realized that Los Amantes had released a second album when I decided to listen to Lula while I was working from home which then prompted me to check up on the status of both bands. I, of course, downloaded Traiciones immediately and, now, it is my favorite album of the week!

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