Lula is a female-fronted Spanish rock/punk/power pop band from Castellón, Spain, formed in 2006. They are Patrizia Escoin (vocals/guitar), Félix Ribes (bass) and Adela Arrufat (drums). Patrizia Escoin was previously a founding member of the Blondie-influenced Spanish rock band Los Romeos (1988-1996). In 2010, Escoin also formed the punk/power pop band Los Amantes. Lula is recommended if you like American artists such as Joan Jett, The Runaways, Ramones, etc.

Selected discography:


Zapatos Nuevos (2006). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “California”, “El Hombre Que”. Other good cuts: “Henry Miller”, “El Amante”, “Cómo Estás?”, “Perfecta”, “Hermano”, “Sayonara”, “Azul Instantáneo”, “Estás Solo”, “Llámame”.

El Mundo Esta Temblando (2007). 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Johnnie Walker”, “Lo Que Hay”. Other good cuts: “Te Quiero / No Te Quiero”, “Crash”, “Silvia”, “El Mundo Esta Temblando”, “Minie”, “Amantes Solitarios”, “Fan Fatal”, “Dí Lo Peor”, “Dee Dee y Marilyn”, “Rubia de Bote”, “Mi Es Y Yo”, “Llamadas”.

Sufre Como Yo (2010). 15 tracks. Choice cuts: “De Alquiler”, “No Hemos Aprendido Nada”, “Dime Lo Que Piensas”. Other good cuts: “Cosas Extrañas En La Radio”, “Sufre Como Yo”, “Alta Mar”, “Sin Sostén”, “Besos Pequeños”, “Paul Newman”, “Playa de China”, “Vaqueros Viejos”, “Habitación 503”, “No Digas Que Te Estás Muriendo”, “La Bomba”, “Demasieda Testosterona”.

Viaje a Marte (2013). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Universos Paralelos”, “L”, “Hasta Mañana”. Other good cuts: “Infierno”, “Vivir de Ti”, “Cambiando de Piel”, “Desde Lo Negro”, “Pequeña Niña”, “Mi Libro Favorito”, “Cómo Te Llamas?”.

“This is Love” (2015). A cover of the 2001 single by PJ Harvey. Featured on the album Benicàssim.pop (vol. 3): “Fiber Moments”.

Selected videos:

Lula links: website/Facebook/Vimeo

Los Amantes links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp

Los Romeos links: Wikipedia


My thoughts… Patrizia Escoin is a very talented woman. She has 3 excellent bands under her [rock angel] wings. Lula is my favorite because I stumbled on them first. In Los Romeos, Escoin took her inspiration from new wave bands like Blondie and Transvision Vamp; while in Lula, she takes her inspiration, mostly, from artists like the Ramones and Joan Jett. In fact, she even looks like Joan Jett if Jett were in the Ramones instead of The Runaways. Joanie Ramone, maybe? Anyway, Lula‘s guitar-driven rock is punky but not snotty, poppy but not sugary, and has changed very little over four albums (but that’s a good thing)! Of course, I said all this before, so read my original post about Lula/Los Amantes on RCR (here).

Oh, and check out Escoin in the photo below. Leather jacket, belly shirt, black jeans, studded belt, and Converse – I love that look!


However, I love this look, too …