The Hellfreaks are a punk/psychobilly/horror punk band from Budapest, Hungary, formed in 2009 by Shakey Sue (vocals) and Freaky Tiki (guitar) after departing the surf-psycho band Los Tiki Torpedoes [with Shakey Sue on drums]. The original incarnation of The Hellfreaks released two albums and a single before disbanding in late 2014. In 2015, Shakey Sue reinvented The Hellfreaks with new members [Bánhegyi Tamás (guitar) Domján Gabi (bass), Szumper Ákos (drums)] and more of a punk rock influence. The Hellfreaks are recommended for fans of psychobilly bands like The Creepshow, Kitty in a Casket, etc.; as well as punk bands like The Distillers, Pussycat Kill, etc.

Selected discography:


Hell, Sweet Hell (2010). Longneck Records. 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Boogie Man”, “Hell, Sweet Hell”. Other good cuts: “Sick Soul”, “Horrorshow”, “If I Die Today”, “Go Go Hellfreaks”, “Psycho wrecking Tonight”, “Queen of the Psycho Scene”. The rest: “Intro”, “Paperweight”, “Mr. Dead Kiss”, “We Prefer”, “Outro (Bonus Track)”.

Circus of Shame (2012). Longneck Records. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Don’t Feed the Models”, “All I Want (feat. Vic Victor)”. Other good cuts: “Circus of Shame”, “Last Nail”, “Dead and Breakfast”, “Face to Face”, “Evil Smile”, “Once I’m Broken”, “Don’t Exist”, “Drag You Down”, Down the Hill”, “Sorrow Bus”. The rest: “Clown Alley”.

“Godless Girl’s Fun” (2013). Longneck Records. Non-album single.

“Not For Me”The Screamin’ Fish feat. Shakey Sue (2014). The Screamin’ Fish are Spanish punkabilly band.

Astoria (2016). Wolverine Records. 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Burn the Horizon”, “Why do you talk”. Other good cuts: “Little Crime”, “Rope”, “Dawn”, “Your Call”, “Wolf”, “Sid and Clyde”, “I’m Away”, “Come Around”, “Back To my Planet”.

Note: Astoria is The Hellfreaks‘ BEST album to date! Shakey Sue has found her groove with a new line-up and straight-up catchy punk rock!!

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I found The Hellfreaks back in 2011 when I stumbled on the “Boogie Man” video, and I’ll admit I was taken more with sexy Shakey Sue than with her band’s music. Hell, Sweet Hell was a good psychobilly album but it didn’t really win me over at the time. However, Circus of Shame did, in fact, win me over and make me a big fan! The Hellfreaks‘ awesome second album sounds like The Distillers gone pyschobilly! I was hooked – but, then, they split up! But… “Hell was full so I came back to you,” Shakey Sue announced [in “Drag You Down”] and, now, The Hellfreaks are ready to incite an all-out “punk-rock-riot” by embracing that Distillers influence head on! I love the new single “Why do you talk” and I’m excited to hear the rest of Astoria! I also love the The Hellfreaks‘ new look – less psycho, more punk! Shakey Sue is one of the sexiest punk rock chicks since Brody Dalle herself! Shaky Sue, by the way, is also an alternative model. Check out her Facebook page (here) where you will find a gallery filled with stunning photos, like this one for a photoshoot with Silver-Ace Digital Art


Shakey Sue was born in Hungary but raised in Austria, so she speaks Hungarian and German as well as English. She sings in English, she said in an interview (here), because it’s easier. She also said, in that interview, that if she could bring back The Distillers, she’d love to tour with them!

Oh, and the psychobilly songs from The Hellfreaks first two albums sound even better when they’re punked-up live by the band’s new incarnation! Check out these recent performances from stepunker‘s Youtube channel: “All I Want”, “Don’t Feed the Models”, “Hell Sweet Hell”, “Last Nail”, “Sick Soul”, “Circus of Shame”, “Face to Face”, “Dead and Breakfast”, and, from the upcoming album, “Why do you talk”. Of course, Shakey Sue looks amazing – even Brody Dalle-esque – in those videos!