I’ve been listening to this band a lot lately!


Brassick is an English punk rock/hardcore punk band from Birmingham formed in late 2012. They are Nicola Hardy (vocals), Peter Macbeth (guitar), Jake Cunningham (bass), and Jay Jay Khaos (drums). Brassick plays “a mash up of punk, ska and metal influences with vocals unlike any other band to create a raw, punk rock sound with an aniti-facist, pro-equality message.”

Selected discography:

Broke And Restless (2013). Debut EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Pelt”, “Hitting Home”. Other good cuts: “Rome”, “The Streets Provide”. The rest: “Broke And Restless”.

Brassick (2015). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Same Sound”, “Cynical Ties”, “Fall Because They’re Blind”, “Free For All”. Other good cuts: “Drown”, “Let Us Go”, “Vagabond Smile”, “Sirens”, “Leeches”, “Media Faces”, “Hollow Cries”.

“Strung Together” (2016). Single.

Selected videos:

Band links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… According to Urban Dictionary.com, “brassick” is British slang for “broke, penniless, without means, on the bones of yer arse.” The term is a perfect name for a street punk band! Brassick is one of the up-and-coming female-fronted UK punk bands I discovered on the stepunker Youtube channel. Nicola Hardy‘s gravelly vocals against Brassick’s tuneful aggression reminds me not only of The Distillers but also of recent female-fronted punk rock bands like Australia’s Stranglehold and Southern California’s Fiction Reform. Brassick is fucking awesome!!

Watch Brassick perform “Let Us Go” live [from stepunker] here …

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