MurderDrome (2013) is a no-budget Australian horror/comedy film written and directed by Daniel Armstrong for Melbourne-based Strongman Pictures. Starring Amber Sajben, B on the Rocks and Jake Brown. MurderDrome proudly proclaims itself “The World’s First Roller Derby Slasher Film!”

A romantic rivalry turns into supernatural terror as roller derby sensation Cherry Skye unwittingly raises a demon murderess from Hell. Trapped between the demon’s wrath and the Gates of Hell, Skye has no option but to throw down and sort out this mess in the only way she knows how: in the rink known as The MurderDrome!

Equal parts slasher film, action flick, and romantic comedy, director Daniel Armstrong’s love letter to ’80s cinema will have you chanting in your seat, “Welcome to the MurderDrome”!

Girls, guns or zombies? “Roller Derby Dames vs. Supernatural Evil!”

Not rated. 72 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

Features music by The Dark Shadows, The Sin & Tonics, The Jacks, The Mercy Kills, The Bone Rattlers, Hatchet Dawn, Kohl, Tightrope, The Murder Rats, and dblWiDE!

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My thoughts… MurderDrome is a quirky, charmingly fun B-movie, starring a cast of real Aussie derby girls, that delivers action, horror, comedy, a little bit of romance, and a whole lot of roller skating. In addition, the film rocks with an awesome punk/psychobilly soundtrack! MurderDrome, if nothing more, is the best roller derby slasher film ever made! I love this movie, so …

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