IDestroy is an all-female rock trio from Bristol, UK. They are Bec (vocals, guitar), Becky (bass) and Jenn (drums). IDestroy plays an energetic blend of riot grrrl punk and garage rock. They sound like Sleater-Kinney meets The Stooges.

Selected discography:

Vanity Loves Me (2016). EP. Choice cuts: “IDestroy”, “Vanity Loves Me”, “State of the Art”. Other good cuts: “Talking Shit”.

“Annie” / “98%” (2017). Double A-side.

Selected videos:

Band links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… First, all three members of IDestroy are very lovely young women but drummer Jenn in the video for “Vanity Loves Me” is just so damn adorable in that cat face! Anyway …

IDestroy is my favorite new band and Vanity Loves Me is my new favorite EP of the year (this week)! I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this band! I hope it’s a full-length album! Now, the studio version of “IDestroy” is awesome, for sure, but check out this video of the band performing “IDestroy” live in session at Bristol Rock Centre in Mangotsfield for The Bristol Music Show

That is an AMAZING performance of that song! So raw! So energetic! So punky! If you don’t think that IDestroy sounds like Sleater-Kinney meets The Stooges after listening to that, then you’ve never heard either of those bands! IDestroy needs to release that version of that song on a future B-side! I want that version of that song on my iPod! Watch more great live performances on stepunker‘s Youtube channel here: “98%”, “Bitter Love”, “IDestroy”, “Saw a Sign”, “Vanity Loves Me”, “Annie”, “Pins and Needles”, “Shameful Pride”, and “State of the Art”.

Watch more cool performances here: “Pins and Needles”, “Saw a Sign”, and “Talking Shit”.

ILove IDestroy!!!