Barb Wire Dolls is a grunge/punk rock band formed in Crete, Greece in 2010. They are Isis Queen (vocals), Pyn Doll (guitar), Krash Doll (drums), and JJ Doll (bass). Barb Wire Dolls play politically-charged ’70s punk mixed with 90’s grunge. Isis Queen looks like 70’s-era Debbie Harry [Blondie] but sounds more like the love child of Patti Smith and Courtney Love, while Barb Wire Dolls sound like The Sex Pistols meet The Stooges playing at CBGB if the iconic New York punk rock club existed in Seattle, WA, circa 1991. Barb Wire Dolls re-located to L.A. in 2010 after legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer invited the band to play a series of concerts.

Selected discography:

Punk The Fussies! (2010). Debut EP. 6 tracks. Choice cut: “Punk The Fussies! (Fuck The Pussycat Dolls!)”. Other good cuts: “Street Generation”, “Drown”, “California”, “Sung Heroes”, “So Hot”.

Fuck the Pussies (2011). 14 tracks. Compilation of two previous EP’s.

Slit (2012). Darla Records. 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Revolution”, “Your Escape”, “L.A.” Other good cuts: “Shut Up Slut”, “World On Fire”, “Destroyer Boy”, “Devil’s Full Moon”, “I Wanna Know”, “Teenage Crisis”, “Walking Dead”, “Wild Child Diamonds”.

Live in Berlin (2015). Live double album. 22 tracks. The band performs tracks from Slit as well as new tracks from their (then) forthcoming 2nd album.

Watch Barb Wire Dolls perform 13 tracks from their forthcoming album live at the Whisky A Go Go on March 23, 2015 (here).

“Make Riot Not War (We Are Champions)” (2015). Digital single.

Desperate (2016). Motorhead Music. 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Drown”, “Heart Attack”, “Darby Crash”. Other good cuts: “Problem Of The Poet”, “Rhythm Method”, “I Will Sail”, “Take Me Home”, “Blind To Your Misery”, “Desperate”, “Surreal”.

Selected videos:

My thoughts… Barb Wire Dolls is an amazing punk rock band who churn out an aggressive but melodic blend of punk fury and grunge angst! In addition, Isis Queen is a sexy frontwoman who is gifted with a powerful set of pipes! She sings the hell out of future punk classics like “Revolution”, “Your Escape” and “L.A.” Now, if you want your influences less blended, check out the Alice In Chains-esque “Devil’s Full Moon” for ’90s grunge or The Sex Pistols-inspired “Shut Up Slut” for ’70s punk. I’ve been wanting to add this band here since I started this blog but I decided to wait until the highly-anticipated second album was released. However, it’s taking too damn long!

Sorry for the delay! Desperate is as good or better than Slit! This one’s definitely on my list of favorite albums of the year!

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