My favorite new artist of the year (this week)!


Finding Kate is the London, UK-based alternative rock outlet for 20-year-old singer Kate Pavli, a young beauty of Greco-Australian descent with a BIG voice. She sounds like the love child of Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lzzy Hale of Halestorm. Finding Kate is highly recommended for fans of those two bands as well as artists such as Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm (ex Flyleaf), Faces of March, Daughtry, etc.

Selected discography:

If I Fall (2016). Debut album. 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Forever”, “It’s Over”. Other amazing cuts: “Don’t Let Go”, “Get Over You”, “Did It Again”, “If You Fall”, “I’ll Save You”, “Inside Out”, “Gone”, “White Lies”. Other good cuts: “Semper Fi”, “Drowning”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: website/Facebook/VEVO

My thoughts… How is Kate Pavli not a mega huge rock star?! Of course, If I Fall is her first full-length album, it was just released earlier this month and she’s only 20, so time will tell! I have to admit that, at first, I wasn’t impressed with If I Fall. All of the songs on the album sounded the same to me – like one long alt-rock power ballad broken into twelve tracks. However, it was a good alt-rock power ballad with passionate vocals and crunchy riffs, so I kept listening and the more I listened, the more each song found its own identity. My favorite tracks changed with every listen and, soon, I declared that Finding Kate was my favorite new artist of the year (this week)! I guess sometimes you have to let good music take root and grow! Watch the video for “Forever” to get a feel for Finding Kate. Then, watch the video for “It’s Over” to truly appreciate Kate Pavli‘s amazing voice! Finally, buy the album! You won’t be disappointed!