CLOOOOWNS! (2015) is a short horror film directed by Randy Smith and written by Jennifer Allanson for Randy Smith Filmworks. Starring Jennifer Allanson, Sam Awwad, Lana Bateman, Shane Bryson, Francko Edge, David B Holton, and Syerra Lariviere.

A young couple decides to throw a Halloween party in an abandoned house. Everything is great until a pair of murderous clowns show up to reclaim what is theirs!

Not rated. 6:05 run time.

My thoughts… This is so dumb. I love it! That cute clown girl’s laugh is so annoying but, at the same time, kind of endearing. If I have to be killed by an evil clown, I can only hope that it’s her! Oh, and the trick or treater girl (Syerra Lariviere) has the best line! “Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” Karl wonders, snidely. “Aren’t you a little old in general?” she retorts.

Hey, according to IMDb, the cute clown girl’s name is Giggles the Clown. I guess I could’ve figured that out.