“Potions” is a track from SEE‘s debut EP Ties (2016). The video was directed by Frank Dale Arroyo (@fda333) and stars Dallas Cozine (@treble__) and Mariana J. Plick (@trapxistence). SEE is “a twenty year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Long Island, NY” who “successfully incorporates elements of pop, alternative rock, and singer songwriter genre.”  

My thoughts… OK, if you read this blog, you know why I like this video. However, there are lots of videos out there just like it. So why do I like this particular video? Well, because it’s beautifully shot, excitingly sexy and, above all else, wonderfully enchanting. This is what true passionate love looks like. Oh, and the song doesn’t suck either. SEE‘s music is highly recommended for fans of artists such as Halsey [whose “Ghost” video is a good one, too], Melanie Martinez, etc. My daughter loves those artists, so I think she’d love SEE as well. I like “Potions” but there’s a much better song on SEE‘s debut EP. It’s called “She Cries” and it’s my favorite song of the week! I LOVE it, so watch the video here…

“She Cries” is an awesome song, for sure, but the video is missing something. What? Oh right, lesbian love! In fact, I think the “Potions” video should be expanded into a feature-length film starring those very same two beautiful actresses!

P.S. The more I listen to SEE‘s debut EP, the more I’m loving her amazing talent! I’m really looking forward to SEE‘s first full-length album!

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