MILK TEETH is a punk rock/grunge band from Bristol, UK, formed in 2013. They are Becky Blomfield (vocals, bass), Chris Webb (lead guitar), and Oli Holbrook (drums). Founding member Josh Bannister (guitar, vocals) left in early 2016 and was replaced by former Hindsights member Billy Hutton as the touring guitarist. MILK TEETH is highly recommended for fans of ’90s grunge (especially Nirvana) and modern emo/post-hardcore (like Hindsights, Moose Blood, etc).

Selected discography:

Smiling Politely (2013). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Forty Six”, “Swear Jar”. Other good cuts: “Leanne”, “Grease”, “Wizard Battle”.

Sad Sack (2015). Hopeless Records. EP. 6 tracks. Choice cut: “Vitamins”. Other good cuts: “No Fun”, “Melon Blade”, “Bagels”, “Linda”, “Trampoline”.

Vile Child (2016). Hopeless Records. 12 [great!] tracks. Choice cuts: “Brickwork”, “Kabuki”“Swear Jar (again)”. Other awesome cuts: “Brain Food”“Crows Feet”, “Driveway Birthday”, “Burger Drop”, “Moon Wander”. Other good cuts: “Leona”, “Cut You Up”, “Get a Clue”, “Sunbaby”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: Bandcamp/Facebook

My thoughts… MILK TEETH is yet another awesome female-fronted UK band! Those UK girls love their ’90s grunge and I love them for it! MILK TEETH, like Hands Off Gretel, Grim Dylan, Honey, Idlehour, etc., is undeniably influenced by Nirvana but MILK TEETH, unlike those bands, is also firmly rooted in post-hardcore now. It’s a great mix! Typically, I don’t like the interplay of male/female singers in indie rock bands but Becky Blomfield is definitely MILK TEETH‘s lead singer. And, the male vocals, which I’m assuming are courtesy of Josh Bannister on all the recordings, are good especially on tracks where he does, in fact, take the lead (like “Cut You Up” and “Get a Clue”). If you’re new to MILK TEETH, start with “Forty Six” and “Swear Jar” (from the Smiling Politely EP). I love those songs! Then, jump right into Vile Child and work your way back to Smiling Politey! It’s 1 hour and 12 minutes, in total, of music that you won’t regret!

Finally, watch this AMBY interview with MILK TEETH (here). It’s a good interview to get to know the band but I like this interview because the interviewer is sooooo adorable! She is Alicia Atout, creator and owner of A Music Blog, Yea? (AMBY). She’s an amazing photographer, too! I think I have a new favorite music blog!