SUPER (2015) is a short horror film written & directed by Matt Inns for based Little Dragon Pictures. Starring Maggie Watts and Nathan Kennedy.

When a mysterious girl falls into the sights of a violent stalker, she is left with only one means of survival.

Not rated. 4:25 run time.

My thoughts… I love this film! It has such a cool twist! The best short films are the ones you wish were longer and I wish this one was much longer! I want to find out more about Lane! Oh, and Maggie Watts is soooo adorable as malcontented Lane! I think this aspiring Kiwi actress is my new crush! She also stars in Matt Inns’ post apocalyptic sci fi short film Merv (2013) and Emma Schranz’s fantasy short film Charlie Floyd’s Visionarium (2015). In Merv, survivor Merv (Steven Woller) lives alone in an apocalyptic wasteland and he painstakingly nurtures a single flower to win the heart of another survivor, a girl (Watts), who happens by. In Charlie Floyd’s Visionarium, photographer Charlie Floyd (Adam Joseph Browne) lives in a B&W 1920s world and he accidentally invents a camera that gives his world color. So, in order to win the heart of florist Eva Grey (Watts), Charlie colors her flowers – with unexpected results. Maggie Watts’ characters appreciate flowers. In SUPER, maybe creepy Norman (Nathan Kennedy) should have tried to win Lane’s heart by giving her a flower instead of assaulting her.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to more from both Matt Inns and Maggie Watts!