In Evil Hour is a hardcore punk from Darlington in the North East of England. They are Al (vocals), Gareth (guitar), Gib (bass), and Mike (drums). In Evil Hour are “a breakneck assault of melodic punk rock and searing 90’s bay-area hardcore.” They are “heavily influenced by bands such as AFI, Bad Religion and Rise Against,” and recommended for fans of those bands as well as those of Rancid, The Distillers, Spain’s Pussycat Kill, England’s own Brassick, etc.

Selected discography:

Tell Your God To Ready For Blood (2011). EP. 4 tracks. Choice cut: “Murder Murder”. Other good cuts: “Disassociate”, “Broken Fingers”, “I Lost Years”.

The World Bleeds Out (2013). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Divide and Conquer”, “Murder Murder”. Other good cuts: “Far From Home”, “When You’re Left”, “As Seas Rise”, “The Terminal”, “Help Me Out”, “Little Death”, “The World Bleeds Out”, “I Lost Years”.

Note: “Murder Murder” and “I Lost Years” are carried over from Tell Your God To Ready For Blood EP.

Built On Our Backs (2015). EP. 6 tracks. Choice cut: “Predators”. Other good cuts: “Ascension”, “Blood and Majesty”, “Progress”, “Built On Our Backs”, “Bright Lights”.

“Paveway IV” (2016). Single.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… Lately, I’ve been on a major Rancid kick, and Rancid is “searing 90’s bay-area hardcore.” I downloaded In Evil Hour‘s album The World Bleeds Out last year after finding them on stepunker’s Youtube channel and, now, my renewed interest in Rancid has renewed my interest in In Evil Hour! The U.K. street punks write songs that, lyrically, “are centered around a continued frustration at the willful destruction of our shared planet, as well as a general disgust levelled at our plutocratic, militaristic society where social constructs such as class, nationality and gender still dictate the opportunities human beings have access to in life.” Musically, In Evil Hour‘s songs are akin to the hardcore punk you’ll find on Rancid‘s 2000 self-titled album or The Distillers‘ first two albums [self-titled (2000), Sing Sing Death House (2002)]. I love the new single “Paveway IV” and I’m looking for to more new music!