Batman: Patient Zero (2016) is a fan film written & directed by Andrew Akler and produced by Celia Werner. Starring Johnny McGee (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Greg Nugent (The Joker/Dr. Kerr), Sarah Grace Sanders (Harley Quinn/Dr. Quinzel), Kevin Sebastian (The Riddler/Edward Nigma), and Nick Cancelliere (Scarecrow/Dr. Kane).

In Batman: Patient Zero, The Dark Knight must take on The Joker and his Rogues Gallery in a psychological journey through Arkham Asylum.

Not rated. 17:01 run time.

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My thoughts… Batman: Patient Zero is an awesome fan film with a clever twist! If you sometimes get tired of the same old Batman story lines over and over again, then watch this short film. It’s like the Dark Knight as if imagined by Rod Serling in a Twilight Zone episode! Oh, and I love Sarah Grace Sanders as Harley Quinn!