Harley Quinn vs Bruce Wayne (2016) is a Suicide Squad-inspired fan film/concept fight choreographed by professional stuntwoman Ilyana Eberhardt and featuring Ilyana Eberhardt as “Harley Quinn” and Brad Irish as “Bruce Wayne”.

Dive into Bruce Wayne’s psyche as he struggles with the guilt of Joker’s destruction. Watch as he fights with (Harley) the representation of the people hurt and lost to the clown prince of crime.

Not rated. 2:36 run time.

My thoughts… This is such a well-choreographed fight sequence that I had to see what else the lovely Ilyana Eberhardt was up to! First, I checked out her 2016 stunt reel (here). Next, I checked out the short Intruder (here) which was her “first time choreographing a fight for film.” Then, I watched Pumpkin Spice Forever! Click (here) to read more!

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