Injustice For All is “an Original Joker Story” directed by Danny Mooney for White Hand Films and Deep Blue Pictures. Written by Donavan Darius & Joseph Bryce Hart. Starring Chris Newman as “Joker”, Erika Hoveland as “Harleen Quinzel”, Donavan Darius as “Lex Luthor”, Jamie Bernadette as “Catwoman”, Julia Voth as “Lois Lane”, and Danny Mooney as “Jimmy Olsen”.

Not rated. 20:41 run time.

My thoughts… Injustice For All is a dark re-imagining of the Joker and the DC Universe! I’m not sure I like their take on Harleen Quinzel but, still, I can appreciate the filmmakers’ unusual twist. Here’s two things I love about Injustice For All… First, Catwoman is in this film! Catwoman rarely gets her due in fan films and I love Catwoman! The Catwoman scene in Injustice For All is my favorite scene. It’s terrifying, tragic and, well, funny! Catwoman is played by Jamie Bernadette. I’ve been wanting to watch her film All Girls Weekend (2016) but didn’t want to have to pay $3.99 on Amazon Prime. I will now. The second thing I love about Injustice For All is Julia Voth as Lois Lane! Check out some more of Voth’s work (here).

More Injustice For All, please!