Domino (2016) is a Marvel Comics fan film written and directed by Terrell Culbert for BAM! (Breathe Again Magazine). Starring Caitlin Burt as “Domino”, Kelly Kirstein as “Mystique”, Justin Mane as “Stryfe/Nathan Summers (Cable)”, and Brian Rohe as “Robert Kelly”.

Neena Thurman aka Domino is a mercenary for hire. Her world is dark, secret and nothing is what it seems. It’s the only life she’s ever known. Soon she’ll be blind sided by a mission that will call all she knows into question.

Nat rated. 17:17 run time.

BAM! Links: website/Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Finally! A solo Domino fan film! Awesome! And the best part is that it’s from BAM! who also gave us Gotham City Sirens. My favorite Domino portrayal in fan film, to date, is Tatiana DeKhtyar who parlayed her cosplay (here) into Bat in the Sun‘s Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino episode of Super Power Beat Down. However, Caitlin Burt is fantastic as the probability-altering mercenary in Terrell Culbert’s latest fan film. She’s looks amazing, too! Kelly Kirstein is also fantastic as Mystique. I’m not surprised, though, because the red-headed beauty delivered one of the best portrayals of plant-obsessed Poison Ivy ever in Culbert’s Gotham City Sirens!

Here’s hoping that Terrell Culbert continues Domino as a web series!