Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft: The Disputed Treasure (2016) is a mash-up video shot and filmed by Simone Chierici. Featuring Leon Chiro [Leon Chiro Cosplay Art] as Uncharted‘s “Nathan Drake” and Giulia Presti [Ivy Cosplay and Art] as Tomb Raider‘s “Lara Croft”.

Not rated. 5:14 run time.

Check out Simone Chierici’s introductory cosplay videos for Giulia Presti’s Lara Croft (here) and Leon Chiro’s Nathan Drake (here). And, check out Marcella Fava‘s photo shoots for Lara Croft (here) and Nathan Drake (here).

My thoughts… Obviously this video is similar to Bat in the Sun‘s Super Power Beat Down episode Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake. Bat in the Sun’s mach-up is much glossier but Chierici’s video is still pretty good. Oh, and both cosplayers look great as their characters – in both videos.