The Poly-Esters are an all-female grunge/riot grrrl/punk band from Blackpool, UK. They Lola Fenix (guitar/vocals), Catlow (guitar/vocals), Syphi Lizz (bass/vocals), and Elliska (drums/1234s).

Selected discography:

First Cut (2015). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cut: “Cracked”. Other good cuts: “Fooling No One”, “Binge and Purge”.

Selected videos:

Watch more live performances here: “Cracked”“Binge and Purge”, Thunder of War”, “Luxury Problem”, “Rats”, “You and Me”, “Dirty Tracks”, “Tales of Promises”.

Artist links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp

My thoughts… The Poly-Esters are my favorite new UK punk band of the week!