Do You See What I See? (2016) is a short Christmas horror film written & directed by Justin McConnell & Serena Whitney for Unstable Ground Pictures in association with 9 Light Entertainment. Starring Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence, Adam Buller, and Emmanuel-Whitney Alexander.

During the Christmas season, two sisters throw a house party, unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings.

Not rated. 14:02 run time.

Watch the teaser trailer (here).

Note: My brief review kind of ruins this film’s twist, so be sure to watch it first.

My thoughts… Do You See What I See? is like John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) meets John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) with a Christmas twist! Is the killer seeing demons like Roddy Piper saw aliens or is he just playing a deadly PokĂ©mon-inspired video game? You decide. This well-done film delivers the perfect holiday cheer that I’ve been looking for this season! Oh, and I love the ’80s-inspired original score by Sean Motley.

Note: I suppose the film’s title kind of ruins the twist, too – after the fact.