Out of Bounds (2011) is a short lesbian film written and directed by Nicholas Paul Ybarra for Category5 Productions. Starring Charity Johnston, Danielle Nelson, Leigh Hill, Ray Stafford, Ana Villalobos and Jay Denton.

A story of a lesbian couple, Rose and Samantha, on the cusp of moving out together. Rose is heading to grad school and her lover is tagging along. One problem: Rose is still in the closet and hiding her relationship from her conservative mother. When her mother finds out that she is gay, she threatens to cut funds for her grad school. Samantha, a rebellious gay rights activist, is forced to chose between her morals and her girlfriend and Rose is forced to choose between her family and future or her girlfriend.

Not rated. 16:52 run time.

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… I LOVE this film! Love it! L-O-V-E it! First, I LOVE young lovers Sam and Rose! The dynamic of the punk girl and the princess is one of my favorites for mismatched romance! Oh, and Danielle Nelson as Sam [the punk girl] and Charity Johnson as Rose [the princess] are just delightful! Second, I love the opening scene where Rose reluctantly throws Sam from her bed when her mother enters. “I like it rough but that was rude,” Sam quips after she exits. Third, I love that writer/director Nicholas Paul Ybarra’s message about intolerance is blended so wonderfully well in this romantic drama. He makes his point without stepping onto a soapbox and the message is heard clearly. Finally, I love the punk music from Charles Mansion, Cat Party, The Crawlers.

Out of Bounds is a fantastic short lesbian film that demands to be expanded into a feature-length film! I want to know more about Sam and Rose. And Dougie (Ray Stafford)! I want to see how Sam and Rose met. I want to watch them fall in love. And I want to hope that Rose’s mother Irene (Leigh Hill) realizes that she is a privileged intolerant bitch and that she’ll eventually accept her beautiful daughter for who she is! But, we’re coming up on 2017 so I’m sure my hope is in vain. Sadly, Irene will only feel comforted in embracing her privileged intolerance in Trump’s America! But keep fighting the fight – with amazing films like this one!

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this Out of Bounds isn’t that horrible 1986 action/thriller of the same name starring Anthony Michael Hall!