Speechless (2012) is a Colombian short lesbian film written and directed by Sara del Pino. Starring Inés Méntrida and Irene Moreno.

Speechless is that feeling, that “not knowing what to do”, when you are at the crossroads of letting yourself be driven by desire or end up paralyzed by the tension of the moment.

Not rated. 13:50 run time.

Watch a making of video (here).

My thoughts… Speechless is a very well-done and very sensual short lesbian film. So, the two girls are friends and the girl with the longer hair is sleeping over at the girl with short hair’s place after a night out… wait. I don’t know which actress is Inés Méntrida and which is Irene Moreno, so let’s call the girl with short hair Hermoso and the girl with longer hair Precioso. OK, so Precioso is apprehensive about being in the same bed as Hermoso because Precioso has feelings for Hermoso. Precioso wants to act on those feelings but is afraid those feelings will be unrequited. Then, Hermoso flops over onto Precioso and makes a move, satisfying Precioso’s desires and putting her at ease. However, here’s where it gets confusing. When Precioso wakes, she is apprehensive again. Does Precioso think that the sultry event didn’t happen until Hermoso flops over onto her and she realizes it did? Or does Precioso realize that the sultry event was only a fantasy that may now be realized when Hermoso flops over onto her? Either way, it’s a wonderful film.

P.S. My Spanish sucks! I hope “hermoso” and “precioso” are different ways of saying “adorable” or “beautiful” cuz that’s what I was going for.