Svetlanas is a punk rock band from Milan, Italy, formed in 2009. Svetlanas, at its core, is Olga (vocals) and Diste (drums). Frontwoman Olga is originally from Russsia but was banned from the country after setting pictures of Vladimir Putin on fire on stage. Svetlanas hate Putin. Putin hates punk rock and political protests. Just ask Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina of notorious Russian feminist punk rock protesters Pussy Riot!

Svetlanas music is influenced by classic ’70s/’80s punk rock bands like Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, etc. Olga sings about the KGB, double agents, Soviet assassins, cosmonauts, Chernobyl, vodka, etc.

Selected discography:

KGB Session (2009). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cut: “Kremlin Killer”. Other good cuts: “Soviet of Your Heart”, “Panic! Attack!”, “Russian Tiffany”, “Chernobyl Boy”.

Svetlanas (2010). Vampata Records. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Double Agent”, “I Am a Spy”, “Soviet Assasin”, “I Hate Yoko”. Other good cuts: “Step Back”, “Siberian Girl”, “KGB is Dead”, “TV Show”, “Svetlanas National Anthem”, “Transiberian”, “Hibernation”, “Go Go Gagarin”, “We Eat Children”.

Tales from the Alpha Brigade (2013). Altercation Records. 15 tracks. Choice cuts: “DIY Rehab”, “Yes We Can’t (Don’t Tread On Me)”, “Kremlin Love Drug”, “147 Voices”. Other good cuts: “Cherry Bomb” [The Runaways cover], “Control (Jane Bond)”, “Miss Russia”, “Gorky Park”, “Cosmonaut”, “Tales from the Alpha Brigade”, “Boss of the Lab”. The rest: “U”, “S”, “S”, “R”.

Note: “U”, “S”, “S” and “R” are dialogue interludes.

Naked Horse Rider (2015). Altercation Records. EP. 7 tracks. Choice cuts: “I Must Break You”, “Crimea River”. Other good cuts: “Polonium Chaser”, “Revenge”, “Go Fuck You Self”, “Sacrifice Your Orifice”, “Tinky Winky”.

Selected videos:


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My thoughts… I only just discovered Svetlanas but fell in love quickly. I must have taken that Kremlin love drug that Olga sings about! Or maybe their music is the drug? Dying Scene called them the most dangerous band in the world.” They might be right! Ron Placone, in his podcast Indie Bohemians, said that Olga is like “GG Allin if he actually cared … minus all the gross stuff.” I think she’s more like the Russian love child of GG Allin and Johnny Rotten! The real truth is that Svetlanas are actually ex-KGB agents! In 1977, their were sent to the United States to work under cover as a punk rock band. However, a “violent electric shock” triggered by a “flawed amplifier” put them in comas and the KGB had them cryogenically frozen but the merchant ship transporting them back to the U.S.S.R. sank and their bodies disappeared until after the fall of the Soviet Union when the band resurfaced and assumed new identities in Milan. Or something like that. The facts, of course, are irrefutable… Svetlanas rock! Watch them rock live at Altercation Records Punk Rock BBQ, The Vortex, Austin, TX, March 15, 2014 (here).