Nightwing: Prodigal (2014) is a non-profit fan series created by Brady Roberts. Directed by Kyle James-Patrick. Written by Brady Roberts and JD Buzz. Starring Brady Roberts as “Nightwing”, Florence Reiher as “Oracle”, Jess Racz as “Theresa Thompkins”, Camden Filtness as “The Riddler”, Kylee Bush as “Poison Ivy”, Maddie Phillips as “Harley Quinn”, Aidan Pringle as “Bane”, Kira Forster as “Catwoman”, Nick Szulc as “Tim Drake”, et al.

A young Nightwing must persuade Batman to return to Gotham and fight crime again.

Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Episode 1: “Take Back the Night” (2014) [10:11]. “Nightwing returns to Gotham, to work alongside his ex girlfriend Oracle in finding Batman. First suspect- Poison Ivy.”
  • Episode 2: “Mad Love” (2014) [10:21]. “Nightwing continues his search for information on Batman’s disappearance. His next suspect- Harley Quinn.”
  • Episode 3: “Riddle Me This” (2014) [13:22]. “Nightwing must save Tim Drake from the Riddler, before continuing his hunt for Bruce Wayne.”
  • Episode 4: “Night of the Owls” (2014) [13:28]. Series finale. “Nightwing attempts to save Theresa Thompkins, but is confronted by Bane, and secrets from his past.”

Watch the official trailer (here). Or just watch the episodes here …

Watch the 2016 sequel Nightwing: The Darkest Knight (here) .

My thoughts… I’m not a big fan of Nightwing or Robin or whoever he is. However, I do like Dick Grayson better as Nightwing than the Boy Wonder. Anyway, Nightwing: Prodigal is a pretty good web series. I’ve been avoiding watching it simply because I don’t like the character but i finally watched it and I liked it! I love the Harley Quinn scene in episode two! Maddie Phillips is really good as Harley but the whole slave girl bit was great! “Did you need… saving?” Nightwing asks the girl (Calamity Kate) bound to Harley’s bed. “Nope. I’m good,” she replies, blissfully. I love that! Poison Ivy (Kylee Bush) in episode one is good, too. However, in episode three, is Kira Forster DC’s Catwoman or Marvel’s Black Cat? More Harley Quinn, please!