Izy K. Cheung is a “cosplayer and costume maker, model, artist, and animal enthusiast” from Alberta, Canada. Her cosplay tag is Hyoken Seisou (deviantART/Facebook).

X-23 (aka Laura Kinney) is Wolverine‘s clone/daughter. She has all of Wolverine‘s powers (retractable adamantium claws, regenerative healing abilities, superhuman strength) plus one more… teen girl power! Dafne Keen will play a pre-teen X-23 in the upcoming Wolverine film Logan (2017) but I’s love to see a teenage X-23 in a (good) fan film. In fact, I’d love to see Bat in the Sun pit Marvel’s X-23 against DC’s Supergirl in a future episode of Super Power Beat Down!

Hyoken Seisou‘s simple X-23 cosplay is one of my favorites of that character. Check out the limited gallery here (with a lovely extra) …