Tatiana (Tata-Chan1012) is a cosplayer/artist from Canada. That’s all I know.

Tatiana is cosplaying as Cassie Hack from from the Hack/Slash comic book series (2004-15) created by American artist/writer Tim Seeley. Cassie Hack is a final girl. She survived an attack from a slasher known as The Lunch Lady. The Lunch Lady was also Cassie‘s mother. Now, Cassie and her gentle brute partner Vlad travel the country hunting down and killing slashers. Hack/Slash is my #1 favorite comic book series, and Tata-chan‘s Cassie Hack cosplay is my #1 favorite for the goth girl heroine. I would love to see her in a Hack/Slash fan film!

Check out the full photo set from Laernu Sinatas here …