Tomb Raider/Uncharted: The Fallen Empire is an upcoming live-action crossover fan series created by Genius Films. Starring Estefania Rebellon as “Lara Croft”, Kyle Thomas Schmidt as “Nathan Drake”, and Tarnue Massaquoi as “Colonel Mosi”. It will be “the first ever Lara Croft and Nathan Drake crossover series”.

The Fallen Empire follows tomb raider Lara Croft and fortune hunter Nathan Drake as they take an incredible journey across the globe in pursuit of one of the most powerful relics of the ancient world. Croft and Drake must fight together to survive the coming storm, or face their own destruction… What will they choose?

Not rated. Watch the 2016 series trailer here:

Watch a behind-the-scenes video (here) and a cosplay tutorial (here).

My thoughts… I’m not sure if this is still in the works or not, but the trailer looks good and Estefania Rebellon is quite lovely as “Lara Croft”.

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