Blind Vengeance (2007) is a fake grindhouse movie trailer written and directed by Robert Rivas. Starring Nekromistress, Ned Christensen, Robert Rivas, and Everett Jones. Submitted for a contest sponsored by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival to promote the 2007 release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double feature Grindhouse.

Revenge… has never looked this good! They took her eyes, but not her heart! And now she can hear their fear… and smell their death! Witness… the gruesome crime that set the stage for the ultimate payback! Experience… blind rage! Witness the horror behind the patch! Payback’s a bitch! And she’s in heat! Blind Vengeance! In theaters this summer!

Not rated. 1:59 run time. Watch the film here …


The ultimate in revenge! They gave her eternal darkness, now she is going to share that darkness to the extreme!

My thoughts… Blind Vengeance delivers more authentic ’70s rape/revenge – with a twist. The short stars Nekromistress who is also featured in a Robert Rivas short film called PURE. Watch the trailer for PURE here …

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