Garage of Terror (2014) is a fake grindhouse movie trailer directed by Erick Lorinc. Starring Samantha Lorinc, Symphony Glasgow, Grace Sarabia, Catherine Hoy, Holly Stockman, Amy Sarabia, Zella Stockman, and Sarah Feely.

Welcome to the last night of your life. Have fun. Dance. Check out the creepy stairs. Just know you’re going to die in… the Garage of Terror! Garage of Terror is the most horrifying film you will ever see. It’s shocking. It’s weird. And it’s scary as hell. Garage of Terror! Discover the secret and solve the mystery. Garage of Terror! So fasten your seat belt. Check your mirror. And scream! Garage of Terror! Drive safe. Rated NC-17.

Not rated. 2:59 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Garage of Terror is bad. Really bad. But I like it. The grindhouse style is authentic. Erick Lorinc also did another dumb movie that I liked called The Dead Awake. Is it just me or was the girl with scarlet hair in Garage of Terror killed twice in the trailer? First, when she was pulled under the garage door and, second, when she was strangled by the seat belt in the car. You decide…


Death #1


Death #2