Fallout 4 (2016) is a fan film produced by JoeB. That’s all I know. Based on the 2015 video game Fallout 4 developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Not rated. 1:57 run time.

My thoughts… Zack Finfrock’s Fallout: Nuka Break – the series (2011-13) is the gold standard for Fallout fan films. Read my original (lengthy) post on the series (here). Nothing compares. However, I really like JoeB’s fan film. It’s fun, well-done and the lead actress is sooooo adorable! I wish I knew her name so I can see if she’s done anything else. So, let’s go to the YouTube comments. First, 8523wsxc says: “Why would you drop the bottle cap you insane person.” Yes, why would you? Nuka Cola bottlecaps are used as currency in the Fallout universe. Second, Luca Bianchi says: “For a girl…she did pretty good!” Seriously?! He must be a Trump supporter! For a lead in an action-packed fan film… she did really good!