Killdarlings (2016) is a graphic novel by London based comic book writer/artist and screenwriter Dan Schaffer. Published by Devil’s Due/1First Comics.

Two psychotic supermodels wreak havoc on the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous. Vacuous, mink-wearing celebutantes beware! NOMI and TALULU are here to make sure you’re gone when your fifteen minutes are up. With bad attitudes and killer looks, they will stand on your corpses in thousand dollar stilettos. The new cutting edge of fashion has arrived, and it’s NOT PRETTY!

Watch the trailer for the graphic novel here …

My thoughts… Killdarlings is a smart, dark and twisted satire of fame, celebrity, popular culture, murder and mayhem! Oh, and it’s bloody as hell! Killdarlings is like America’s Next Top Model meets Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers! Talulu De Van and Nomi Saint are not just supermodels – they’re ultramodels. They’re rich, famous and everyone adores them. They’re also serial killers. They get away with murder – because everyone adores them. Talulu loves video games and she gets migraines that make her want to kill people. “Funky Love Train”, the new single by boy band Hang Tough, really makes her head hurt. Nomi loves comic books… and eating people. She wants to eat action star Zack Finn so bad. She also has an alter-ego who looks suspiciously like Kurt Cobain that tells her to kill. Talulu and Nomi think that fame is a disease and that violence is the cure.

One of the best things about Killdarlings is Dan Schaffer’s artwork. Like Schaffer’s Dogwitch comic series, the artwork is dark. However, unlike Dogwitch, it’s in glorious color – mostly blood red! And, the graphic novel is setup like a grindhouse movie on glossy paper which gives Killdarlings the potential to be the best comic book movie that will never get made! Oh, and I love the Talulu and Nomi fashion print ads interspersed throughout the pages!

Killdarlings is, without doubt, the best graphic novel I’ve read all year!