Turbulent Hearts is a Los Angeles, CA-based “punk & roll” band formed in 2014 by Suzi Moon (vocals, guitar), former guitarist [aka Suzi Homewrecker] of all-female punk rock band Civet. Currently, Suzi Moon is joined in Turbulent Hearts by Mark Johnson (bass) and Jay Skowronek (drums). They were recently signed to the UK’s Headcheck Records. Turbulent Hearts is highly recommended for fans of Civet, Rancid, The Distillers, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, The Runaways, etc.

Bandleader-songwriter Suzi Moon, who made her bones as a teenage terror with big sis Liza Grave’s globally infamous all-female Civet in the early 00’s, conjures high-voltage guitar thrills and intense soul-baring vocals that combine for a richly satisfying flurry of musical knock out punches.

Selected discography:

“Dear Sailor” (2014). Video single.

Panic (2015). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Panic”, “Never Getting Over You”, “Crying”. Other good cuts: “Not That Kinda Girl”, “Redwood Nights”.

The Rage (2015). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “The Rage”, “On My Own”, “Off Of You”. Other good cuts: “Hangin’ Around”, “Another Thing Comin'”.

Crazy Girl (2016). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Crazy Girl”, “Notice Me”, “Excuses”. Other good cuts: “Fallen In Luv”, “The Runaround”.

Selected videos:

And, here’s an awesome “Halloween Special” bonus video! It’s a live performance of The Misfits“Where Eagles Dare” disguised as a found-footage film of two musicians [Suzi and Jay] auditioning for Jerry Only [Mark] for the “new” Misfits in 1995 …


Artist links: Facebook/Bandcamp/ReverbNation

My thoughts… I was hoping for a Civet reunion but, after three self-released EPs, a record deal with Headcase Records, and a new EP on that label due in Spring 2017 – I think Suzi’s heart is in Turbulent Hearts. So, after re-listening to all three EPs, I’ve decided that my heart’s with Turbulent Hearts, too! With Civet, Suzi played punk rock straight-up but, with Turbulent Hearts, she balances out the punk with catchy Joan Jett-esque rock. Suzi’s voice isn’t quite as strong as her sister Liza Graves, who was Civet‘s vocalist, but Suzi sings passionately and her vocal style is perfectly matched with her new band’s aggressive but melodic sound. I’m looking forward to that new EP for which I promise there will be no more Civet comparisons!

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