Addiction was a proposed “gritty, action packed vigilante feature film” to be written & directed by Mark Aquilina and starring Chantelle Delaney for Melbourne-based Keep It Reel Films. Addiction is “inspired by the 1970s American anti-hero crime films (e.g. Death Wish, Dirty Harry), John Woo / Hong Kong stylized gun action (e.g. The Killer, Hardboiled), and strong female characters (e.g. Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Bride in Kill Bill).”

In a city taken over by a deadly new drug called Xtreme – violence, death and chaos rule. Bronson, a street-smart cop, is attacked – and is injected with the drug – making her into an addict. Her days are numbered. Fueled with rage, she turns vigilante and declares war. However, her impulse for justice battles with her need for vengeance. She loses her way in the moral vacuum that she now inhabits, and she becomes a different kind of addict — a killer and perhaps even a monster. She has a new addiction — now the kill is becoming her high! What the cops can’t touch, she is going to obliterate! No Courts! No Appeals! No Deals!

Addiction was in pre-production during 2007-09. Watch the concept short / trailer produced in 2007 here …

Watch a behind-the-scenes / making of video (here).

My thoughts… Did Addiction ever get made? If so, where can I see it? This “bloody opera of violence and revenge” is exactly the kind of movie I love! Girls, guns, and explosive action! If it didn’t get made… why the hell not?!