Miracle Dolls is an “alternative/rock/indie pop” band from Chino, California, fronted by Native American twin sisters Dani and Dezy Doll (aka Danielle and Desiree de la Rosa). They cite as influences The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, Weezer, and Joy Division. They describe their sound as Nirvana making dreamcatchers with The Beatles.”

Selected discography:

Kiss Me Auras (2013). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Charlie”, “Kiss Me Auras”. Other good cuts: “You Are My One”, “I Love You Baby”, “Whatever You Say”. The rest: “Spinning Embers”, “Confetti Island”, “Shape the Clay”, “Oh How Beautiful”, “Crashing Waves”.

Thieves and Guns (2014). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “We Share”, “I Let You Go”, “Nevermind”. Other good cuts: “My Beat For You”, “Lovely”, “Thieves and Guns”, “Make the Move”, “Let Us Fly”, “Away”, “California”, “Saint Andrew”. The rest: “Seal Him to Block”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: website/Bandcamp/YouTube

My thoughts… Miracle Dolls combine two of my favorite things: indie rock and Native American girls! Thieves and Guns is an awesome album. Read more about Miracle Dolls in my previous post about the band on MHE (here).