Run (2016) is a short horror film directed by Daniel Mark Young for Viral Films UK, Dark Sun Entertainment and Death Vault Productions. Written by James Craigie. Starring Starring Mari Beaseley, Luke Burridge, James Craigie, and introducing Martine Beaseley. Financed via an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.

Run is the story of Suzanne, a seemingly normal teenage girl that one night comes into contact with a demonic force intent on possessing her. Suzanne has no choice but to “Run” for her life.

Not rated. 12:03 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch an awesome “VHS Version” here [“complete with horrible sound and 4:3 pan and scan rough image quality”] …

My thoughts… Run is a really cool short horror film! It’s kind of like It Follows. The best part is when Suzanne gets back up after being hit by the car. The creepiest part is when Suzanne hugs her mother in the end. The “VHS Version” is fun to watch, too. Oh, and Mari Beaseley is adorable! Good work!