Metroid: The Sky Calls (2015) is “a live action short set in the Metroid universe” written & directed by Sam Balcomb for Rainfall Films. Starring Jessica Chobot (live action) and America Young (motion capture/stunts) as “Samus Aran”.

The classic Nintendo franchise, Metroid, envisioned through the lens of 60s-70s science fiction cinema such as 2001, Alien, and Solaris: this was the concept for Rainfall’s most recent production. Instead of using a modern approach, a style was developed more in tune with the themes that inspired the first Metroid game in 1986: isolation, exploration, and the wonders of deep space.

Not rated. 11:39 run time.

My thoughts… Metroid: The Sky Calls is another excellent Metroid fan film. This one was made by the same people that made the awesome fan film Wonder Woman (here). I seem to be posting these video game fan films inspired by video games I’ve never played in pairs. The other Metroid fan film this one (here).