Cherry Bomb (2011) is an action film directed by Kyle Day for Strike Anywhere Productions. Written Garrett Hargrove. Starring Julin Jean, Nick Manning, John Gabriel Rodriguez, Allen Hackley, and Jeremy James Douglas Norton.

An homage to action films of the early 1980s, Cherry Bomb follows a young dancer and her quest for revenge against the group of men that brutally assaulted her. Seeing no justice coming from within the system, Cherry enlists the help of her estranged older brother and some heavy firepower as the two siblings set out on a reckless revenge mission. Things start to spiral out of control when a mysterious hit man named Bull is hired to put an end to Cherry’s bloody tirade. She soon realizes that there is more at stake than she ever imagined.

Don’t light her fuse

Not Rated. 82 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… Cherry Bomb is an action-packed ’80s-inspired rape/revenge flick that entertains despite a low-budget and a bounty of genre clichés. I re-watched this film, which director Kyle Day calls Kill Bill set in the ’80s”, over the weekend and I had to share it all over again. If you want to know more about Cherry Bomb, read my original post (here). Otherwise, check your brain at the door and enjoy!